élan CHINA 2013

A.Walker 15:18 27/Mar/13

Yep another China blog. Definitely the year for it.

Tomorrow élan riders Mike Milner, Kat Williams, Jake Smyth and myself are heading off to China for 3 weeks. We're also joined by Ross Forknall, Andre Castellucci and Marcos.

We'll be hitting up the East coast including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.

Most if not all of the insta pics should show up in here or you can follow élan @elanskateboards and #elanchina2013

I'll also try to get a couple of small vids through to Drew to post up if I can.

élan CHINA 2013

subterraneous 15:30 27/Mar/13

Stoked to be a part of this, a good end to a big week here in the cave. @elanskateboards team raglans, sweats and tees single colour print front and back. Three cheers for livin' #subterraneous #waterbasedinks #screenprinting

Stoked to be a part of this, a

elanskateboards 15:30 27/Mar/13

Gettin high. #elanchina2013 #startingthehashtagearly #quadcopter

Gettin high. #elanchina2013 #s

lovestospooge 04:26 28/Mar/13

dont worry china threads can never be over done, the amount of spots to be discovered in china is mind tripping, keep em up.

(australian city 8-10 city square blocks, Chinese city 50-100 city square blocks, and they dont cap there shit!)

elanskateboards 13:34 28/Mar/13

It all starts here! Off to meet Smyth in Singapore the onto Guangzhou! #elanchina2013

It all starts here! Off to mee

katwilliams1989 13:34 28/Mar/13

Peace Adelaide #elanchina2013

Peace Adelaide #elanchina2013

2042 14:11 28/Mar/13

More Kat Williams pls

elanskateboards 21:09 28/Mar/13

Arrived in Singapore to discover Smyth gettin his arts and craft on. Crew is complete, now onto Guangzhou! #elanchina2013

Arrived in Singapore to discov

katwilliams1989 21:21 28/Mar/13

Singapore airport #elanchina2013

Singapore airport #elanchina20

milnermayor 21:29 28/Mar/13

Flossy attire packed on the lower deck thanks to the gurus at Quattro Sport, Project Dist & of course élan #elanchina2013

Flossy attire packed on the lo

milnermayor 22:15 28/Mar/13

Say no to cactus!! #elanchina2013

Say no to cactus!! #elanchina2

elanskateboards 07:39 29/Mar/13

Blurry photo pretty much sums up how we're all feeling. Stuck in the plane for over an hour more due to bad weather. 5am check in! #elanchina2013

Blurry photo pretty much sums

WAKAFLOCKA 09:23 29/Mar/13

Hells yeah boys

A.Walker 10:55 29/Mar/13

Haha, can't believe the forums are actually banned over here! Had to use the VPN to get on. You're planning the demise of China via this site aren't you Drew?

Runnin on 2 hours sleep atm. Weather is pretty shit, but hopefully it'll hold out so we can get to some spots today and bring you more than some crew shots.

katwilliams1989 14:55 29/Mar/13

Dope breakfast spot, heaps of skater love #elanchina2013

Dope breakfast spot, heaps of

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