Nsw emergency?

drew 16:44 03/Jan/13


 HI- I was hoping that you might be able to help out by posting something for us on the site.
 We have an injured skater who is cast in our Sydney festival show opening next week and we need someone who can replace him.

Can anyone help out with our skateboard emergency?

We've had a performer injured and we need to understudy them with a new skater asap. Someone who is highly skilled, speedy and can cope with a skate park set up, even if they are street style. 

ah.. did we say it pays, just over grand a week. :-)

We would need you to start asap and work with us until Jan 20th
Please share with people who might be interested, and shoot us an email with details-

The show requires the discipline of a daily rehearsals but also a little smarts to pick up things quickly and willingness to try new things, be collaborative as the show is not so much a series of solos but scenes with dancers and other urban sports artists. 

GavPro 17:34 03/Jan/13

is that guy for real

Reign Supreme
Reign Supreme 18:05 03/Jan/13

Very inspiring~

imgne_ 18:24 03/Jan/13

The vibe I got from that Lee Wilson dude was straight up

cuntm8noworries 19:59 03/Jan/13


atheosx 21:40 03/Jan/13

tempted to email just to say youre a homo..

Hickmen 22:50 03/Jan/13

haha fuck yeah roland

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 23:23 03/Jan/13

Could somebody please explain "Free Running" to me?

GavPro 23:45 03/Jan/13

you live in australia
you have the right to run

mattyc 07:36 04/Jan/13

i need someone to explain where i too can get on to this grant money shit
thousand bucks for some skaterboy how much is going up the choreographer's nose

Johnny Utah
Johnny Utah 08:55 04/Jan/13

Free Running?

Fibroman 11:11 04/Jan/13

I'm sure some dole bludgin hero will put his hand up.

WAKAFLOCKA 11:21 04/Jan/13

Cashssss pow pow pow cash

switch fakie
switch fakie 11:52 04/Jan/13

2 grand in 2 weeks just to skate whilst cunts dance around you. where do i sign.
dont get me wrong it seems real wack, but 2 gs is 2 gs

Davo 2153
Davo 2153 12:01 04/Jan/13

I would definitely do some free running for $2000.

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