Screen Zine 20th Anniversary Digital Release

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 01:19 03/Jan/13

To commemorate 10 years since our beloved friend John "Fin" Findlay passed away and coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of our first skateboard video production, I am proud to offer Screen Zine - Be Zany (issue#1) in digital form.

Enjoy the memories!

Intro and The Baulkos


Alex Smith and Jake Brown

Joel Ellis


Dos Fairos Trios

Da Valley Boyz

Mona Crew

Take It Like A Hero

Stone Monkey (Cary O'brien's Band)

Bonus footage and credits.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 01:20 03/Jan/13

Our 2nd skateboard video, Screen Zine Vol. 624005 (issue#2) came out roughly some time around mid 1993.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 17:45 04/Jan/13

Here's a little early Belco for ya!


Matt Hoffman
John "Fin" Findlay
Justin Cox
Byron Convey

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 05:26 06/Jan/13

Fin and Cary O'brien skating Fairfield vert ramp back in 1990

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 05:29 06/Jan/13

Fin and Marty Holdsworth skating Münster Bowl in Germany 1991

sk8parx troll
sk8parx troll 10:45 06/Jan/13

sympathy post.

DeathMoth 21:50 06/Jan/13

old Belco vid is sick

Insomniajosh 23:15 06/Jan/13

Some of it is rad. I cringe at the mega pants (yeah was there at the time and may have rocked them....ghar!)

Some great times of Australian history. Liked the Fulham footy too.

Thanks for spending the time on it mick.

NIKEEEM 08:54 08/Jan/13

The footage of Skunk at Fairfield mini is still gnarly today....I wish I got to skate that place more than the one time

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:58 09/Jan/13

The following is 80 minutes worth of footage in 6 parts shot by Fin at the 1991 Münster Monster Mastership in Münster Germany.

Some of you may remember that this was the first NSA pro event for Jason Ellis, where he placed 5th.

A lot of our old vert favorites are in these clips, so hope you enjoy seeing footage that has never been seen by the general public outside of a few short clips featured at the end of Screen Zine - Be Zany.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:58 09/Jan/13

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:58 09/Jan/13

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:59 09/Jan/13

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:59 09/Jan/13

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 19:59 09/Jan/13

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