Back To The Old Continent

Nello 07:01 06/Sep/12

Finally it’s time for another skate trip.
This year I’m going back to Europe, visit my family and trying to skate and shoot as much as I can.

I’m originally from Ravenna a small city located on the north-east of Italy which is about 40 minutes drive away from Elbo first Dreamland concrete skate park built in the country.

I already sorted a skate trip in Sicily, which will be happening in the middle of September and another one should be in Malaga – Spain at the start of October.
Between the gaps of these two tours I’m going to travel a bit and check out some new parks and bowls.

If the new DIY named “Portland” located in Basel will be ready by the end of September I’m going to check it out with some crew.
Here the link for some update of the park:

This time I upgraded my equipment with a Nikon D3s, so I’m able to take sequences as well. I won’t leave my analog camera behind because I’m addicted shooting film.

NIKEEEM 09:10 06/Sep/12

Rad Nello, are you hooking up with Cardone?

Insomniajosh 09:12 06/Sep/12

Looking forward to the pics. That DIY spot is rad

tuaki 10:23 06/Sep/12

Ripping Nello! Definitely wanna see photos of Cardone!

Jejenhausen 13:18 06/Sep/12

Can't wait to see what Bretty manages to get done

Nello 13:48 06/Sep/12

Yes Nick I'm going to catch up with him and with Giorgio too!

tuaki 06:16 07/Sep/12

$15 aint cheap Nello.

tweak 20:59 10/Sep/12

I stayed about 1 1/2hr south of Bologna in Riccione for a while last year. Had a sick time and there was some random cool spots to skate. Amped to see some more pics!

Nello 22:41 10/Sep/12

Here a videoclip I edited just a week ago with unseen footage filmed before I moved to Oz.
The spots in this clip are all located pretty close to Ravenna.

Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 22:53 10/Sep/12

That video was sick Nello!

flycat 00:36 11/Sep/12

that clip was real nice skating, flow and edit.

sick spots too that havent been blown out.

will be followiing this thread as the last thread in the US was a great read.

Hank. 08:10 11/Sep/12

Great read, keep em' coming!

tweak 22:30 11/Sep/12

Video was sick Nello!

That last dude in the vid (can't remember his name) he was living in Riccione when I was there. He shredded, think he just started riding for Nike(?) when I was there. I met him and a few other top blokes down at "Chronik skatepark"... If you stop in there, say hi to Vittorio and Ivo for me!

Nello 18:43 12/Sep/12

For bad luck, the bag with my studio flashes didn't follow me from London. They arrived in Bologna.Since then I just know that a courier hasn't delivered it yet.I hope they will be here before Sicily.

NIKEEEM 22:54 12/Sep/12

Fuck yeah Nello!
Tell Giorgio to get to Australia, we have a big steel ramp and lots of Italian girls for him- it will be like he never left home!

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