Penny now in Big W?

shift 22:14 26/Jun/12

I've got one on layby

drew 22:15 26/Jun/12

I'm thinking of getting 2 and learning to land ski on them

drew 22:16 26/Jun/12

They only look 99% mambo

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:24 26/Jun/12

Drew I think they dropped the "100%" part a while back.

Probably sold the rights and now couldn't do it anymore calling it 100% anything.

Like a lot of good things, sell it or licence it so someone else can copy it, etc.

grim wood
grim wood 22:24 26/Jun/12

mambo used to be a legit brand

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 22:25 26/Jun/12

* or in this case, Mambo was probably not so good to start with.

braddox 01:20 27/Jun/12

My first ever board looked exactly like a Penny and probably came from K-mart. What's the difference?

Mark Brimson
Mark Brimson 07:04 27/Jun/12

Difference you ask?

None to me - don't really care either way about these things.

To those who make a living from them at Absolute Dist - probably a whole lot, given they have been selling them for well over $100+ for so long and now the bottom could fall out of the market for them with everyone else doing it, as well as an almost perfect replica being sold for bugger all in department stores.

Re - brand Mambo - never really liked it, or just wasn't cool enough to wear or afford it. Funny pictures of POO SHOOTER or farts and other things was kinda entertaining for a while there though.

My first few boards were probably from places like that too. Not as lucky as the kids these days getting a "pro setup" as their first ride.

shutdown 07:42 27/Jun/12

fuck penny, my first ever plastic banana board was something called a 'rolls racer' from k-mart and that thing lasted an eternity. Used to dominate the tick-tac up the hill challenges on that bad boy. To be honest, i never heard the name penny mentioned all that time, everyone i knew just had the cheap big-w and kmart knock offs (which at the time weren't considered knock offs, they were their own legit brands). Same went with the wooden decks, I remember two kids arguing about which was a better deck from k-mart, the 'Street Warrior' or the 'A.P.'.

Next board was a wooden full-size deck from a 2 dollar shop that was trying to make out like it was one of the good k-mart ones with all the plastic guards, rails and lappers you could dream of. Once again did the job fine, could bomb hills and grind my face off after speed wobbles as good as the rich kids with their vision or gull wing boards and felt right at home with the slightly more up-market k-mart crew.

And then some spoilt little spoilt CUNT moved in up the road with a powell peralta hawk deck and taught us all how it felt to be true materialistic shit-kents. Kids of today should be stoked, you can grab some blank for 70 bucks, grip the whole thing black and it looks the same as the next kids deck. Back then your entire value was measured by how many layers of compressed cardboard you had in your decks plywood and how well the grip tape was cut around your gold powell peralta dragon on the top. I still remember the whispers when that richie rich moved into the hood 'did you hear, he has the BEST skateboard in the WORLD!!!!'

drew 09:02 27/Jun/12

Dear Penny

I would like to thank you on behalf of all Australian skateboard shops for helping us not go bankrupt.


Drew Peacock

karma 10:15 27/Jun/12

Drew speaks the absolute truth, and for some shops... longboards as well.

Mark Goudie II
Mark Goudie II 10:29 27/Jun/12

Seems like he's just trying to make a penny?

flycat 14:53 27/Jun/12

everyone is doing them, think i seen an element range of penny ripoffs the other day.

penny craze should die out probably by end of next summer, then u will be able to pick these up for $5 at evey garage sale...

Evanz 16:17 27/Jun/12

"then u will be able to pick these up for $5 at evey garage sale... "

Ahahah BOFFF!

dhuds 16:32 27/Jun/12

They have dropped off for sure even now. We had at least 10 calls a day asking for certain colours and countless purchases a few months ago. We are now lucky to sell two boards a week. I've notice a lot of kids that got Penny's from us at like Christmas time are coming in now and buying proper boards. So what ever gets them in to skating I think is awesome.

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