Gabbers interview

Interview: Gabbas Gabriella GABBA GABBA HEY

(photos/questions fenning)

How's life mate, what you been up to lately?

Hey man yeah pretty good I guess besides for this damn cold I have.

The cold doesn't stop the Disco does it Gabbas! Since you've moved to Melbourne you're to ability lay hammers and women seem to becoming more natural please enlighten us on how you've come to master both arts?

Well ha-ha this is a lie I guess I just get lizard plus going out with Steve helps heaps best wing man even tho I have not brought any home. Some how I don't think a girl would be that hyped on a mattress on the stairs.

I guess unless she's already lost her mind and has a thing for sleeping at the top of a grimy stair wells ey! What does it take to earn your wings at Fashion, who normally hits it up?

Helps to know Steve or Kurt I guess you have to be committed to every Friday i'm slipping I missed this Friday cause I was chilling in Geelong but i'm pretty keen for this Friday.

Steve McInnis said his on a one to one basis with security and the ladies behind the bar. Have you got the "welcome Gabbas don't worry about lining up treatment with a free beer on entry yet?"

ha-ha nah not as of yet give me a few more weeks iv seen it happen to jack and Steve i'm pretty keen for it

kickflip back tail revert - sickquence: fenning
What does Gabbas stand for?

Well its just comes from my real name Gabriel I think dix or something made gabbers up then it stuck!

So your living at 198 Princes is it hard being the latest stair well dweller in the epic centre? I'm guessing as your bed is in the main walkway that you're pretty much the last to hit the sack?

Yeah man its hell fun hanging out at the 198 but it gets hell hectic sometimes but its chill I love the place!

What's this madness about living above a house of uni girls? A house of skaters above a house of uni girls must equal at least 1 or 2 entertaining stories?

Ha-ha there's not that much madness Steves going out with one of them and we are all pretty good friends there hell rad girls

You know what they say about good friends when there girls! So you moved from Tassie to Melbourne for what reason? What made you make the jump?

Well I finished up work in Penguin this shit hole of a little town then decided to move to Hobart about 400 kms away to skate more then I was not really skating that much down there then I broke up with my girlfriend then I just thought fuck it and moved. I didn't really plan any of it I kind of wish I did but whatever Melbourne is an amazing place.

In Tassie you livened with a photographer, what was that like not having to organise where and when blab la. You must have got plenty done!

Hahahaha I got shit all done I was really washed down there I was coming back from a ankle injury like I was better I was just a pussy most of the time

Another thing that I've heard about you is that you're a legit chef. How many years does it take to become one of them?

yeah I sure am I finished my apprenticeship beginning of this year and it took me about three and a half years i'm kind of glad I did it even though i'm not cooking at the moment cause I will anyways have something to fall back on

So you must cook a far bit for the lads seeing as you know your way around the kitchen.

kiny krooks - fenning

Ha nah not much really I sometimes cook for Alex i'm a bit lazy when it come to that

Seeing as your not accustomed to Melbourne completely yet which town are you more likely to be able to score yourself Horse tranks in within 10mins of arrival A. Frankston or B. Geelong C. Flinders Train station ( comes with your met card) I'm going with all of them ha-ha horse tranks that's a pretty weird thing to ask fenning

I'll think you'll find that's a pretty standard question gabbas, only 5 points for that round. What's the deal with you and your licence. Awhile back I remember you have a pretty tuff time trying to get a hold of one in Melbourne?

Yeah I am really good at losing things like my wallet or phone I lost my wallet at maccas one night then it took me like a month to get a new one cause Tassie and Vic are not associated with each other it was stranded because it was like I was underage for a while. The next week I lost my phone at a spot I thought it was long gone for a couple of days then we went back to the spot to skate and what do you know after two days its still there so lucky

What the heck! That's pretty funny considering how many crack heads there are out there thieving for that illegal paper. Hows Hugh Gilberts new ride? G-unit? White walls? Something about free petrol forever?

Yeah Hugh has a bangin car! Sucks tho because I never get to ride in it cause of that gay green p plate rule.

Dang no dre for you. What are you filming for atm?

Well i'm trying to film for the house video but we don't have a filmer at the moment so iv just been shooting heaps

Did you enjoy being stimulated by Kevin Rudd? $900 of beer is what I keep hearing..or you could do the sensible thing a buy a dish washer!

ha-ha nah i'm been pretty much living of it at the moment cause these fucks that I was working for let me go cause they where not paying me right and I asked them about it next day they say they don't need me anymore mother fuckers

Hows the Krew supra deals working out for you? They treating you well? Who else are you on atm?

man there killing it hooking me up real good I lost a pair of shoes on the train the other day and all I had to do was ask for some more and they hooked me up strait up and its been like a week since I got my last package so i'm really happy well i'm on street machine skate shop they help me out heaps to thanks Chris! and i'm on Ashbury flow and image skateboards

front blunt - sickquence: fenning
Yeh I def need to get me some of those shades. How many pairs a month do you get of them? 4? 1 a week?

Yeah there sick ay i'm not sure yet but i'm pretty sure i'm not going to go throw many unless I lose them or something

How did you go back in Tasy when you wrecked yourself on a rail or some kid had spilt his head up at the local, are the response times longer because the lands is so vast or is it really quick because Tassie is so small? Have you ever seen that type of thing go down?

Ha-ha your whack nah IV been pretty lucky it's usually me who is wreaking them self's

Ya mums whack. In Tassie does it take longer for the movies to get to the cinemas? For instance when you live in Melbourne its generally up to date but when you head down the country or coast it's behind it what should actually be out?

nah its pretty up to date I think like its behind on allot of over things tho

What's the plans for 2009 any hectic road trips of death planned?

well i'm going to Sydney in July and i'm pretty keen to head back to Tassie to see my mum and dad

If you were forced into being a vert skater for 2 years who would you rather be Danny Way or Bob Burnquist?

Danny way ha-ha it would be so gnarly being him

So when you're off the board and not making a gnarly Parma what do you get up to?

well I pretty much just chill out or party i'm pretty boring

Until you have 50 beers and turn into Disco Gabbas! What's the best pub around were you live and why?

There is this one in Brunswick Street its got really cheap bottles of wine and beers

Sounds good thanks for giving us a name. Recommended music, films?

iv been listening to the smiths heaps recently but I like allot of music and films departed is really good and the casino oh and I watched Donnie darko for the first time the other day and I really liked it

There's meant to be some massive skate film coming out with p.rod, Ryan sheckler, terry Kennedy etc how do you feel about this? Like it's a good and bad thing that might help or destroy how people view skating?

I don't really care its never going to change my view on skateboarding I will always love it

Thanks for your time Gabbas, any shout out etc peeps you'd like to thank HOLA

It's all good anytime um yeah I would like to thank Steve jack and Hugh for letting my crash at there house and everything else Chris mckiln for hooking me up and being a sick cunt Brett stokes at krew and supra Clinton from image all my friends you know who you are and my mum and dad

Barber 16:37 06/Feb/12

I miss Gabbers :(

Come back to Sydney!

Andrew. 16:58 06/Feb/12

Sensitive lil bastard... He is definitely ripping isn't he. Fuck yeah Gabbers..

SPARX!!! 17:01 06/Feb/12

come back to sydney gabbers!!!! this isnt funny anymore....Dylan Cord isnt doing to well without you

Tim B.
Tim B. 17:13 06/Feb/12

fuck yeah front blunt biggie getting all ledge tech i like it

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