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Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 05:37 30/Jul/10

hi all, and welcome to my blog for my current trip to the USA... I'm a few days in now, but will try to update regularly depending on internet access and motivation...
disclaimer - my photos will be average (at best), and I'm most probably not very funny (at all) either, but some of you may get something out of it...
I've got a few loose plans, including X Games, pools, and Oregon...
So without further ado, lets go!

Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 05:56 30/Jul/10

excuse the really boring stuff for now, but I have to bail to make it for the X mega big air bro down!
more to come soon...

drew 08:49 30/Jul/10

shit hot Ti.. Byron seriously one of the most stylish skateborders I have ever seen.

dunny 08:55 30/Jul/10

"I'm most probably not very funny (at all)"

blog-a-doodle-doo is funny

Ian... 09:05 30/Jul/10

fuck yeah man, its the time of the season

tuaki 09:25 30/Jul/10

This is gonna be rad! I want loads of X-Games and Maloof VIP room titty pics you woman slayer!

Trogdor the Burninat
Trogdor the Burninat 03:21 31/Jul/10

Jake brown will rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

singha_is 18:57 01/Aug/10

will there be boobs? female boobs?

Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 14:20 02/Aug/10

wow, i'm shocked at the faith everyone has! Anyway, after the last few days I do dare say "there's gold in them there hills..!"
Now Bob Marley just sung "..stay alive.." which could be some sort of loose connection to the last few days, as there were some HEAVY slams in all "disciplines" at the X, as well as just dealing with the craziness that is LA...
Shall we continue??

Here is Cam and Alison, my gracious hosts for a decent part of this trip. Cam picked me up from LA, which as anyone who's been there knows, is the best thing ever at the time!

i wear moccos
i wear moccos 14:25 02/Aug/10

You're hosts are ghosts?!?

i wear moccos
i wear moccos 14:26 02/Aug/10


Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 15:23 02/Aug/10

Just down the boardwalk from the skatepark and directly opposite muscle beach is, ironically, the doctor's clinic!

Ti Coleing
Ti Coleing 15:25 02/Aug/10

hmmm, no comment about what just happened...

drew 15:46 02/Aug/10

nice mounds

tuaki 16:27 02/Aug/10

Holy shit! You are living the dream! Moar!!!!

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