Mk1 front element

danyae 11:01 10/Feb/10

Can anyone link me to where to buy a mk1 front element... And has anyone changed one looks simple just concernd about the smaller glass as it comes out in the tutorials and mine looks glued in? Any help would be good cheers

tinbum 11:12 10/Feb/10

The little glass / back element will come loose when you take off the front element. Its easy as pie to swap the front element over.

U can buy the front element from century directly. Just go to the century site and find an email. And ask them for the front element for the century .3x wide angle or whatever is the tech name for it.

I think it works out to be about $550 posted.

Matt Ferg.
Matt Ferg. 11:49 10/Feb/10

been looking for one for the past week or 2 and havnt been able to get any replys about it from century. let us know if you end up finding out more about it

FOG 12:56 10/Feb/10

ay man, if you are thinking about buying that one on ebay and fixing the front element dont do it. Would work out better to just buy a used decent condition mk1.

danyae 15:09 10/Feb/10

Ey stu nah I got a real good scratch on mine last night right in the middle it's noticeble on footy if you know to look for it... Was hoping it would be alot cheaper then 550... Might
just have to deal with it for a bit... Devo

FOG 17:47 10/Feb/10

im sure it is cheaper than 550.
i remember looking up for a front element once for m1 other broke mk1.

read that just before, if i remember correctly the price for the front element replacement was approx US $300 and then a US $ 70 labour fee for century to fix it up.

or you can do it yourself, there is tutorials and stuff around the net im fairly sure on how to remove glass and put into new element.

contact - (which is the same company doing century lenses) and ask them about there prices in a email.

if ya need to find more info go to google and just look up mk1 front element replacement etc.

to eaze.

danyae 07:24 11/Feb/10

got an email back from century its $295 usd plus shipping for the front element

tinbum 20:35 11/Feb/10

and shipping will be like 150 bucks haha

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