A.S.S. Approved Skate Shops

Ian... 15:42 12/Jan/10

Speakys geelong guilty as charged.
Geelong skateshop A.S.S. approved

verse 15:42 12/Jan/10


krim 15:44 12/Jan/10

ha ha.....

Shifty's = A.S.S approved!

drew 15:46 12/Jan/10

Stoked to get my ASS Approval. Keen to hear the names of more ASS members.

jackson cosh
jackson cosh 15:49 12/Jan/10

newcastle skate shop is guilty
so is switch now i think

but pretty sure hunter valley skate shop is A.S.S

baulko 15:51 12/Jan/10

Was just in Fast Times, City...

Good A.S.S.

Ray. 15:53 12/Jan/10

Ballistyx = epic fail, Now stocking bikes

drew 15:55 12/Jan/10

Kudos to hunter skate and fast times

Vagabond 16:00 12/Jan/10

Boo on so called skateboard distribution companies peddling the scooter scourges product. Boo I say!

*Nosferatu* 16:12 12/Jan/10

Have not seen a shop selling scooters yet thank fuck! *knocks on skateboard wood*

samuelbarney 16:13 12/Jan/10

Skatebiz Brisbane sell scooters.

Alex P.
Alex P. 16:40 12/Jan/10

Brisbane Skatebiz is guilty, but when you think about its only run by skaters, so the money their making from the lucrative scooter business is going back to skateboarders, so really their kinda one-upping the scooter crowd, scooters bring money to help keep skateshops alive.

Milkin it Pros
Milkin it Pros 16:44 12/Jan/10

Interesting point Alex. I see it in a different way I guess. I hate it when I get to a park and it's full of scooter kids getting in my way. Shops selling scooters contribute to this. Therefore shops selling scooters are profiteering from making my life miserable. As a result my thoughts are more of the "fuck them" variety.

Johnny the Fox
Johnny the Fox 16:47 12/Jan/10

Don't forget they just passed laws in Victoria that makes it illegal to ride a scooter ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, without an approved bicycle helmet on. On the spot fines included.

Tell the parents how dangerous the toys are ( hence the new laws ) and if they haven't got a helmet TELL THEM THEY HAVE TO LEAVE.

( laws as regards skateboarding remained unchanged )

Shamwow Guy
Shamwow Guy 16:47 12/Jan/10

"scooters bring money to help keep skateshops alive."

scooters bring money to help keep skootershops alive

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