NIKE SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010

Vagabond 15:28 12/Jan/10

You heard it right, Belco Bowl Jam is back! Australia's longest running bowl event with almost 10 years under its belt. 2010 marks the iconic Belco bowl's 20th birthday and to celebrate that Nike SB has come on board as title sponsor. Be prepared to witness what a skateboard jam is all about, no entry fee, no wristbands, no bullsh*t , just pure gnar.

Get ready to strap yourselves in for some solid Aussie grass roots skateboarding. No heats or finals, just cash prizes for Lord of the Bowl, Best Run, Best Local, Longest Slide/Grind and a spiced up Best Trick Over the Channel which includes a Shifty's Creature Feature obstacle. Then stumble over to the Lighthouse after party to watch the infamous Lemvis (as Johnny Cash), Johno & the Trannies (re-united!), and the VeeBees as the headline act.

Nike SB Business manager Kerry Fisher had this to say,
"Canberra skateboarding is the rawest in the country and has the most iconic bowl in Australia, once we heard that the Belco Bowl Jam was on again we jumped at the opportunity to be involved and support this event. It really brings fun back to skateboarding, we aim to make this a great day for not only the skateboarders, but for all that come along to enjoy"

With a Bowl Jam like this we can expect to get a pool of talent from all over the world, there are already rumours flying of Lance Mountain, Chet Childress and Grant Taylor making the trip down!

Please watch this space with news of confirmed names.

NIKE SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010

krim 15:33 12/Jan/10


monkz 15:42 12/Jan/10

Ooooo! Jonnie and Tranno's reunion! Can't f*cking wait.

I have heard some things about the Shifty's 'Creature Feature' and it will make grown men cry green tears of fear and make me excrete glistening green pre-cum when it get's shralped.

drew 15:44 12/Jan/10

Amazing flyer Andy. Sock and pocket flair colour match not a coincidence.

Vagabond 15:57 12/Jan/10

Few riders off the top of my head that have indicated they're intending to come along:

Daniel Cardone, Jackson Pilz, Alan Young, Andrew Currie, Trev Ward, Corbin Harris, Sasha

I think Jesse Noonan and Biggie BSNB king Max Schubert too...

Rentos and Jimmy Beck may have to be ready for the vert event in Rio so maybe can't make it...

Some more overseas heads but I can't say just yet (of course)

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 17:35 12/Jan/10

more rumors?

RE: NIKE SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010

uno 20:33 12/Jan/10

So good to see this day back up and running. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year. If you have never been to it, you should get your arse there for the very best fun time you have ever had,even if your not into bowls/tranny.
Bring on captain America and the first lady!!!!!

baulko 22:16 12/Jan/10

Yeah Fish...

Potty2617 22:28 12/Jan/10

Yeah Vagabond

Fingers 02:41 13/Jan/10


Who is behind this? Doesn't smell like the real deal...

Will there be hoards of cops?

krim 10:37 13/Jan/10

"will there be hoards of cops?"

mmmm? no.... I can't remember there ever really being cops at belco, let alone hoards of them.

Potty2617 10:39 13/Jan/10

Vagabond will just need to send a fax to the Duty Officer of Belco Police Station and let them know whats happening and there should not be a problem.

Shamwow Guy
Shamwow Guy 10:41 13/Jan/10

There will be cops, busty cops

RE: NIKE SB Belco Bowl Jam 2010

zbd 10:55 13/Jan/10

YEAH YEAH! Johnno an the Trannies... can't wait... so glad to see the Belco Bowl again, and the CBR crew xx

titsonabull 11:13 13/Jan/10

the cops came one year. i remember cause i had to stash something i had on me.

they parked their car, got out, walked around, saw everyone going nuts and having a good time and bounced.

30 minutes later fists were swinging and cunts were getting clocked.

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