Creature Giveaway winners

NIKEEEM 10:34 16/Oct/09

Ok, time to announce the winner of the Creature Brue Killer deck giveaway.

There were many excellent entries which made it very hard to choose a single winner so I've decided have two winners who'll both receive a new Brue Killer deck each.

Andrew Callender
Favourite Beer - Budweiser
Favourite board brand - Creature
Favourite trick - Backsmiths
AND he included his mums phone number.......

Paul Billby
Favourite Beer -Coopers Green
Favourite board brand - Krooked
Favourite trick - Backtails
AND included his own girlfriends mobile number

Let me just say that it warms my heart to know that so many of you were willing to sell out your own girlfriends, sisters and mothers for the chance of winning a new skateboard...(relax, I probably won't call any of them)

Well done gentlemen, happy drinking/skating

drew 10:47 16/Oct/09

mmm coopers green

rockyboy™ 13:41 16/Oct/09

can you show the phone numbers?

SLIDER RAILZ 14:23 16/Oct/09

can i have one anyway?

marburg 14:26 16/Oct/09

can you give me some beers?

sir lordington 17:05 16/Oct/09

Coopers Green like drinking a loaf of bread Super Dry for life :)

bill fraser 19:14 16/Oct/09

coopers green= nectar of the gods, grab an appletini

SLIDER RAILZ 19:29 16/Oct/09

dude, if i got that free board id proberly be selling it now for some drinks. its only so long before i drink all my dads drinks

DeathMoth 19:41 16/Oct/09

thats fucked i gave my girlfriends number too.

better not be ringin her if ain't getting no prize

turka turka 19:56 16/Oct/09

i give u the number for the local slut if u flow us a board brooooooooo

Gallantry 19:49 17/Oct/09

i handed over both mum and gf.

was not aware nick was recieving them. FML

Gnargoyle 01:33 18/Oct/09

You gave a bottle-opening board to someone whos favorite beer is Budweiser?


tom vb
tom vb 03:31 18/Oct/09

yea Nick what is up with Andrew Callender winning with
Favourite Beer - Budweiser
I geuss Favorite board brand - Creature and Favorite trick - Backsmiths
must of saved him....dam the other entires must of been bad....?

NIKEEEM 08:47 18/Oct/09

When I read his entry I just happened to be in a budweiser kind of mood ...and yes, the backsmith helped him

Lazlo_Panaflex 19:30 18/Oct/09

what about backsmith stalls?

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