Eric Dressen interview

Shep 14:59 14/Aug/09

To make up for my rad blogging skills while I was away,I'm going to be doing an interview with Eric Dressen in the next couple of weeks. If you've got any questions you want answered post em up and I'll pick out the good ones and email them through. Don't be wasting time asking dick size, am I gay, can I have a sticker or a wristy or whatever because that shit will just turn me on, but not help with interview. Cmon dirtbags. Get to asking. And for you young bucks asking "who the fuck is Eric d?" youtube fools.

drew 15:01 14/Aug/09

I heard you just got a new concrete mini ramp with pool coping built in your backyard. How are you dealing with all your new friends?

fair dinkum
fair dinkum 15:57 14/Aug/09


and you blog was shit Shep, with the exception of the Colin Mckay call

Yahbrain 16:05 14/Aug/09

What is his favourite Venice skate scene memory/story?

Do he still get crap for pushing mong back in the day?

Seeing how he is "well built", is he a Fred Gall fan?

Favourite board graphic he has had?

Great idea Shep by the way!

Shep 16:07 14/Aug/09

FD, my blogging days aint over. It's just not as cool to put the stories and pics up now I'm back. I will still get to it though.

Cheers Yahbrain

braddox 16:08 14/Aug/09

If he's a Fred Gall fan, has he ever heard of Yahbrain?

Is he impressed by the lengths people have taken his namesake trick to over the last few years?

Does he actually like salad?

I am what i am...
I am what i am... 16:16 14/Aug/09

Is he in llove with shep and has he heard of the coops toilets!

AHA 18:30 14/Aug/09

Why doesn't anyone do crail grab fast plants anymore?

tuaki 18:39 14/Aug/09

Do you still bother god on the regular?

troy archer
troy archer 18:45 14/Aug/09


Ask him if he knows how to roll through the hood without being noticed, on the way to getting an oversized burrito.

Shep 19:18 19/Aug/09

Troy, you already know the answer to that question! Last chance for q's. Interview is tomorrow. Leigh, if your looking for a dick date I'm pretty sure you'd be a safe bet to just turn up at coops. No use asking someone from LA if it's ok you get your knob sucked at some skatepark halfway round the world.

crumble 19:43 19/Aug/09

ask him who has the best worst tatts in skateboarding

crumble 19:44 19/Aug/09

godoy stories?

DeathMoth 08:35 20/Aug/09

i struggle with being a huge unit and ripping at the same time. any pointers?

I am what i am...
I am what i am... 19:24 21/Aug/09

Is this really an interview about skateboarding or about tattooing???
PS its not the same without you shep...

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