Face Tattoo Comp

drew 13:42 28/Jan/09 is proud to announce our first ever face tattoo competition. Winner has face tattoo of choice paid for by To enter simply email with your name and contact details with the reason why you would like a face tat and what it would be. Make the subject of your email "Face tat me now". To be eligible..
a) you will need to be over 18 years of age
b) face tattoo of choice must be larger than 8cm square and be prominent on the face. (no necks or hiiden in your hairline)

Sminglars 13:48 28/Jan/09

get real banana peel

imgne... 13:54 28/Jan/09

hahaha this should be fun to see...

Mr Fox
Mr Fox 13:55 28/Jan/09

Yeah the banana peel tat idea sounds great!

andy-social 14:09 28/Jan/09

...what about "on the dole for life" across the forehead...

Joel' 14:40 28/Jan/09


crazy eyes 14:53 28/Jan/09

8cm squared man thats pretty fuckin big. think entire cheek plus some ear goin on...

of course perfect size for a zorro mask

pepper123 14:58 28/Jan/09

get a beard tattoo'd

TFI 15:24 28/Jan/09

I'd get a dick on my cheek if I werent such a macho man

Cole 15:35 28/Jan/09

This is going to wind up on the news or something lol.

Tod Ohree
Tod Ohree 15:38 28/Jan/09

but drew, your the only one on this site over 18, silly goose.

imgne... 15:51 28/Jan/09


15:35 28/Jan
This is going to wind up on the news or something lol.

lol i was thinking the same thing really...

Libertine. 16:06 28/Jan/09

I'd get some of those 6 pack insert things put in my cheek

M-J 16:08 28/Jan/09

Shall i get MJ is REAL tatted across my head

brains 16:13 28/Jan/09

Come on, Darren Kirby. Show us that you're a man...

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