Bowl-A-Rama 2009

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 10:17 24/Dec/08

Bowl-A-Rama 2009

Allright y’all, heads up, here’s the hype !
Its happnin’ again, can u feel the storm brewin a ha’
Bowl-a-rama 2009 is on the way, killa line up of rollers this year fer sure…

Bowl-a-rama 2009 for the second time has gone Trans Tasman, with the first of this World Cup Skateboarding Bowlriders event being held in New Zealand, & then onto Sydney Australia one week later.

Once again being held at picturesque Bondi, within the jaws of Bondi Beach bowl in Sydney & also at the mega hip bowl in Wellington New Zealand at Waitangi Park, two different bowls, two different attacks from all the competitors in 09’

Make sure your free on the following dates, & don’t forget all of the umbrella events that are planned to ensure two weeks of off da’ hook sk8 lifestyle madness, with the main comps happnin toppin off the insanity down under.
(just remember the killa sessions that are gonna be goin’ on throughout the week leadin’ up to the comp as the masters & pros dial in their lines)

So stick in a pin for the following;
Wellington New Zealand (Waitangi Bowl) – Saturday the 14th Feb 2009
Bondi Beach Sydney (Bondi Beach Bowl) – Saturday the 21st Feb 2009

More info coming regarding the umbrella events, art shows, movie prem’s, bands, music, etc…& also all the goss on whos’ comin’ to throw down in 09’

For now, go check out;
Ongoing updates comin’ your way !!!
Cheers, Cam

Funlips 11:33 24/Dec/08

"off da’ hook sk8 lifestyle madness"

Can you make it sound gayer please?

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 11:48 24/Dec/08

heh-heh, yeah, I could if I really tried....

Cam Ward
Cam Ward 11:54 24/Dec/08

Some big names flyin' in on behalf of Vans,
Omar Hassan, Josh Borden, Bucky Lasek (defending his title as last years winner), Steve Caballero, Rob Lorifice, Alex Perelson, Christian Hosoi...

more 2 come'

i'm vagtastic 12:08 24/Dec/08

word on the street is the vag will be entering

lakynn 12:09 24/Dec/08


poopy-pants 15:00 24/Dec/08

sounds good. I cant wait for "two weeks of off da’ hook sk8 lifestyle madness...."

i hope sergie ventura takes ecstacy and dances in a pink shirt on the platform again.

NIKEEEM 15:48 24/Dec/08

No ecstasy for Sergie Mr Poopy, that flamboyance is all natural these days......unfortunatly

Dudley Booger Dawson 15:50 24/Dec/08

I hope the pluging neckline on his 2009 shirt surpasses the depths of his 2008 model.

tuaki 16:18 24/Dec/08

Did you see his 2007 model? 6ft tall blonde

jennifer hawkins 21:12 24/Dec/08

cam how does one go about getting a " VIP " pass...... trying to get shots was murder last year due to being hassled out of the area because we didnt have one

heavyweight 08:23 25/Dec/08

yes I remember that Blonde!!!!

nav... 11:19 25/Dec/08

Can you get better DJ's this year?

Or at least teach those two from last year what music should be played at a skate comp.

Christopher Meloni
Christopher Meloni 20:14 26/Dec/08

There is a Endless list of reasons not to go to bowl-a-rama.

Michael Mulhall
Michael Mulhall 23:45 26/Dec/08

There is an endless list of reasons to go if you're a vert or bowl skater. One of them is the lure of cash. Nothin beats havin a roll with some mates and rollin away with enough cash for that next gadget.

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