Krew kashgrab

Sullivan... 21:21 07/Dec/08

Did anyone get pics, video's or even results from the krew comp?

rollerskatemadness 21:22 07/Dec/08

i think they called it off coz it rained

Jordie7 21:24 07/Dec/08

isnt the park indoor tho

Sullivan... 21:32 07/Dec/08

hah nah it was on. i just didnt stick around for too long so i wanted to see a vide or some pics of what went down. and know the results

.Brett 22:27 07/Dec/08

RE: Krew Kashgrab Format
13:02 07/Dec

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Sponsored: bjorn johnson

Dane Burman II 00:44 08/Dec/08

jack kirk won the bowl section and he won best trick with a lien tail and he won best overall skater pocketing $3000.

Darccy 11:05 08/Dec/08

dane i got a mad clip of u in the bowel.

hipster 13:43 08/Dec/08

post it^^^^^^^^

hipster 13:44 08/Dec/08

david pearce got 3rd over all

Big L
Big L 13:48 08/Dec/08


s/s front feebs the big rail like whoa

Darccy 14:01 08/Dec/08

shorty got 6th. he should of got 3rd but that was rigged he done heaps good shitt

i'm vagtastic 15:30 08/Dec/08

im so glad bjorn won, after reading his latest slam interview i realised how sick he is

Obama 17:56 08/Dec/08

Bjorn is fyne.

I am what i am...
I am what i am... 18:28 08/Dec/08

Bjorn was ruling thats for sure!

Dane Burman II 20:18 08/Dec/08

you may have a clip of me in the bowl but i highly doubt its a "mad" one. i sucked.

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