Krew Kashgrab Format

drew 13:59 04/Dec/08

Krew Kashgrab Format
The comp will be broken into 3 mini comps with $1500 prizemoney for each section. You don't have to go in all three sections, only the ones you like.

1. Bowl. In the heats you get two 30 second runs. If you fall in the first 20 seconds you can keep going. In the last 10 seconds if you fall your run is over. The final will be the same but the runs will be a little longer.

2. Street Tech. This section will be held on the smaller street section that contains 2 rails and stairs (5 stair height) as well as some ledges and a wedge to wedge. This section will most likely feature more tech skating. The format will be the same as the bowl so that skaters can set up lines without anyone getting in their way. Heats will be 2 runs and the final will be 2 or
maybe 3 runs.

3. Hammers/Air Pigs. This section of the comp will be in jam format and will be on the bigger side of the park. It will include the 2 Euros and handrails as well as the new box jump and the 6 foot quarter at the other end. So at
one end we'll have the big street tricks on the handrail and up the euros but if anyone wants to get launched on the box jump those tricks will be included too.

There should be something there to suit every sort of skater, and you don't have to go in all 3 sections if you don't want to. The prizemoney split for each section will be roughly like this: 1st:$600, 2nd:$400, 3rd:$250, 4th:$170, 5th:$80.

$2000 for Best Overall Skaters
There will also be prizes for the overall best skaters. Whoever wins the most money in the 3 sections will win the prize for best overall skater, so it¹s like a series of 3 comps with prizes for each different comp and a Grand Prize for best overall.

Goofy. 15:37 04/Dec/08

slam factory

Kunt 15:52 04/Dec/08


stokes 16:35 04/Dec/08

Kashgrab Special Guest Judge Wade Burkitt

stokes 16:42 04/Dec/08

We have 10 spots available for anyone wanting to come to the KashGrab on the free Krew bus from Manly or Wynyard(city) at 10:00 on saturday morning.
The bus will also bring you back that night.

Email me your name to

First in gets on......

Sullivan... 16:49 04/Dec/08

will there still be divisions. if so what sort?
age divisions or like unsponsored and sponsored?

stokes 16:55 04/Dec/08

unsponsered is at 11.

sponsered at 3.

Sullivan... 17:41 04/Dec/08

sweeeet as. thanks

i'm vagtastic 17:55 04/Dec/08

holy fuck that polejam was so sick

.jarrod. 16:52 05/Dec/08

Doors open at 9am

Unsponsered starts at 11am

Sponsored starts at 3pm

I am what i am...
I am what i am... 18:06 05/Dec/08

Will be there with bells on!

SYLVA! 18:09 05/Dec/08

shorty will have the best smile

WadholeJoe 18:38 05/Dec/08

why would u wear bells?

Eustace 18:24 06/Dec/08

have to be pretty fucking consistent in 30 secs.

Gook for the win!

frugy 20:02 06/Dec/08

was today yea?

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