SB #4 Lewis + Alex Campbell

drew 10:06 21/Nov/08

SYLVA! 10:19 21/Nov/08

that was awesome

last line was dope

morgs 11:43 21/Nov/08

alex campbell = ninja.

Moey 12:48 21/Nov/08

holy shit those guys are really good!
the shocked look on mike martins face is priceless

imgne 12:59 21/Nov/08

hahaha drew did an abd....

Dudley Booger Dawson 13:28 21/Nov/08

Jim Fowlie?

starch 13:51 21/Nov/08

so fucking good!

braddox 14:32 21/Nov/08

mike martin. his head is almost the best thing in the clip. apart from lewis and FUCKING MY GOD alex`s skateboard riding.

you are ripping my young fatherly friend. RIPPING.

Scro 14:47 21/Nov/08

yeh alex is going places, noseblunt biggie was dope!

Rigby 16:19 21/Nov/08

alex campbell is gonna blow up !

i think he is underated !

braddox 16:28 21/Nov/08


i agree, but not by people who have seen/ skated with him.

meerkats 19:15 21/Nov/08

alex campbell has got huge pop. mass mass mass to the extreme.

Tim B. 20:25 21/Nov/08

some killer footage in there, nice one

Davo 2153 21:56 21/Nov/08

Holy shit!!!I leave the country and the whole place goes mental!!!
That clip made my day....Newold footage...bonus points for Marnell...


so good! lewis's tricks over that rail are so koots

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