Ballina Barneys

BNE 15:06 27/Jul/08

Probably should be in 'Clips' but whatever... Check out this clip made by Ballina/World Nomad Dylan 'Lankin' Macnamara.

Scott Standley is ridiculous. Disappointing lack of Tuzza though.

Did you know that Scotty rides his board backwards? haha.. Surfin brah.

Jake Dawg 15:30 27/Jul/08

i really enjoyed watching that clip, props

rome 15:40 27/Jul/08

i especially liked the fakie smith stall to dog pat,
best ride i seen

matty e 18:31 27/Jul/08

that was sick, that park's fun i was there a few years ago and there was some local kid called MattRaD or something that was killing it

dubs 23:05 27/Jul/08

that was so rad, did shorts shoot that

Egon Spengler 00:54 28/Jul/08

rad clip, wallie to back tail shuv was absolute bullshit

im not andrew 01:03 28/Jul/08

luke carvin'

1408 01:18 28/Jul/08

best clip ive watched in soo long

kicky bs 50 hubba was fuken boltz , how old is he 10?

madcap 02:04 28/Jul/08

that was amazing!

Kunt 09:30 28/Jul/08

ballllina reprezent

Polly Steyrene 10:00 28/Jul/08

I really want MattRaD to post his Ballina clips.

Lemming 12:00 28/Jul/08

luke carvan brah

DeathMoth 15:24 28/Jul/08

smith over the funbox was tight!

phresh 18:30 28/Jul/08

that was a bullshit clip!

Lemming 21:23 29/Jul/08

Best clip 08?

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